An Enchanting Blend of Old-World Charm and Urban Elegance: A Detroit City Cathedral Wedding

The Grandeur of Detroit's Cathedrals

Walking into one of Detroit's ancient cathedrals is like stepping into a different era. The high, arched ceilings, stained glass windows casting kaleidoscopic lights, and the echoing halls filled with the resonance of history provide an awe-inspiring setting for exchanging vows. These cathedrals, with their gothic architecture and rich history, offer a serene sanctity, making them an ideal location for a solemn and memorable wedding ceremony.

Silvia & Matthew said their vows at the beautiful historic St. Albertus Detroit. We then traveled downtown to the Detroit https://dia.org/ (DIA) for Bridal/Romantic.

It was the way Selvia looks at Matthew that displays her love for her Husband, and their magical bond and moments they kept getting lost in. This was one of the most beautiful weddings I have shoot where I had to hold back my tears on many occasions during the ceremony and speeches. I'm so happy I was apart of such a grand day and look forward to their AMAZING future ahead.

Detroit Wedding Photographer
Detroit Wedding Photographer